When the time comes to move into an assisted living community, many are reluctant because they expect to have their privacy and their freedom stripped away. However, standalone assisted living allows residents to continue to enjoy many aspects of home life while also getting the care that they need. Read on for some of the major benefits of standalone assisted living in the Twin Cities!

The Best Perks of Standalone Assisted Living

  1. Home-Like Feel – By contrast to a nursing home, where residents may feel as if they’re living in a hospital, in a standalone assisted living community, residents may still enjoy all the comforts of home. They have their own rooms, their own possessions, home-cooked meals and cozy spaces to relax and enjoy themselves.
  2. Independence – While residents of a nursing home might be forced to stick to a strict routine, residents of an assisted living community have the freedom to make their own choices. Residents will be allowed to do as they please on a daily basis, and may visit with family and venture into the outside world at their leisure.
  3. Socialization – A huge benefit of standalone assisted living is that residents will always have someone to talk to so they don’t feel lonely. Residents may choose to share a room if they wish, and there are dining areas and common areas in the community where they can gather and bond with their fellow residents.
  4. 24-Hour Care – Although residents of a standalone assisted living community have the personal freedom they want, they also have 24-hour medical care available to them. On site nurses and health aides provide residents with the daily care they require and an on-call doctor is available for medical emergencies.

Standalone Assisted Living in the Twin Cities

If you’re interested in a standalone assisted living community in the Twin Cities metro, we encourage you to visit Whispering Pines. We have a number of different assisted living homes in the northern metro and are committed to providing excellent care to our guests. Call us today for more information about our homes and services!

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