Even when they come to need extra care in their daily lives, many people do not want to live in an assisted living community because they’re afraid they’ll lose their independence and their comfort. Family-style assisted living provides a great compromise, as residents of such communities will get all of the care they need but will continue to be treated like family. There are many reasons why family-style assisted living in the Twin Cities is a great option, read on to learn more!

Main Benefits of Family-Style Assisted Living

In a family-style assisted living community, residents may receive private rooms or may share them. Either way, residents will be encouraged to bring their own possessions with them so they can continue to enjoy the comforts of their own homes. Family-style assisted living residents will have access to dining rooms and common areas where they may freely socialize with their fellow residents, allowing them to develop friendships so they’re never lonely.

A family-style assisted living community provides many amenities including 24-hour medical care, three meals per day, housekeeping and planned social activities. Around-the-clock care from health aides and nurses ensures that residents’ needs are always met and they have someone on-site to help them in the event of a health emergency. Unlike a nursing home, however, residents can lead their daily lives as they please and participate in group outings for shopping, dining and fun.

Freedom is the biggest benefit to a family-style assisted living community. No one wants to feel like a prisoner who lives in a hospital, and family-style residents may still manage their own lives, leave the premises at will and visit with off-site family and friends rather than having to adhere to a regimented routine.

Family-Style Assisted Living in the Twin Cities

If you or a family member would like to move into a family-style assisted living facility in the Twin Cities area, we recommend you check out Whispering Pines. We have plenty of different assisted living homes to choose from and we treat every guest like family. Contact us today to learn more about our homes and services!

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