It can be difficult to select the perfect assisted living community in the Twin Cities. While each resident’s wants and needs vary considerably, there are some common factors which will be beneficial to all. If you’re searching for an assisted living home in the Twin Cities, these are some qualities you need to keep an eye out for.

4 Signs of Reputable Assisted Living in the Twin Cities

  1. Residents are Respected – When you begin touring assisted living homes, be sure that you observe staff interactions with residents and ask about residents’ privacy. If the staff seem friendly and caring and the residents are allowed a large degree of personal freedom, the assisted living facility is being run well.
  2. Pristine Cleanliness – A good assisted living community should be well-cleaned and sanitary to ensure the residents don’t get sick. When visiting assisted living homes, make sure to look and smell for unclean conditions, especially in the bathrooms.
  3. Good Food – Since residents of an assisted living home will most likely eat three meals per day within the facility, it’s important that those meals are nutritious, well-balanced and well-prepared. If the food looks, smells and tastes like it came from a can and is lacking in variety, it’s a sign of poor quality.
  4. Activities Encouraged – A good assisted living community should feel like home, and encouraging residents to engage in social activities both on-site and off-site goes a long way toward creating this feeling. Ask to verify that any assisted living home you consider provides a variety of fun activities for residents to participate in.

High-Quality Assisted Living Homes in the Twin Cities

Whispering Pines is a fantastic choice if you’re interested in moving into an assisted living community in the Twin Cities metro. We offer experienced and attentive care through a variety of assisted living homes in the northern metro. Reach out to us today if you have any questions about our homes and what services we provide!

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